Hey, California, it’s your turn…

On June 7th you can vote for something completely different in the Presidential primary: Kent Mesplay & Roseanne Barr (VP) – the #mesplaybarr to Pry Open Politics…

BUT only if you Register to vote as a Green by May 23rd – it is so simple, you can do it online.

Our Platform planks include: Righting Treaty Wrongs; Climate Chaos: Weather Wacky Enough for Ya?; Over-grow and Over-throw the Donkeys and Asses…and, as for Greening things, we are going after the important stuff: Decriminalizing Pot. We’ll throw in Global Peace, too, starting in the Middle East.

HOW: Register to vote on-line. Register Green. Only registered Greens will be allowed to vote Green in the primary election. It’s easy. Do it now. http://registertovote.ca.gov/. Then, remember to vote June 7th.

WHEN: Now through May 23rd. Time’s a-wastin’. Hurry! and Mark your Calendar to Vote June 7th with everyone you can drag with you to the polls!

WHY: So you can have “fun” by voting Mesplay / Barr, and vote for an Indigenous voice and a nutz comedienne in the June 7th primary. Plus, you will help build a viable alternative to our two-party pile of $#it.

WHO: Dr. Kent Mesplay is on the ballot. Kent is Euro-American Blackfoot (okay, “mixed blood” to you old-timers!). Roseanne Barr, comedienne, and long-time advocate of “Indians” offered to be his running mate, to help with tribal issues, and to help improve the situation on reservations. Let’s honor those treaties already! Tired of Drumpf, and oh-so-over Shillery? Then Join this campaign.

WHERE: California. Not a California resident? Please Forward this to your family and friends in California. Flag it urgent!

WHAT: This is an Indignant Indigenous run for the US Presidential nomination. Join this campaign. Grow the Next Party. Green Party.

Register NOW.

DONATE: Put your money where your values are.

Blessings and Thanks!

And the VeeP is….

In recognition of the deep disgust felt by a majority of U.S. Citizens toward politics and politicians, the Mesplay for President Campaign is proud to offer something different to the non-voter, and to the lesser-evil voters wringing their hands over which candidate to block: Drumpf or Billary (or that pesky Bernster).

In an exclusive interview with himself, Dr. Kent was asked the following questions:

Why do you want to be president?

Actually, it’s a step. I’m running for World President. Plus, “King” is not an option. Listen, I really understand the non-voter. If you look at the numbers, a high turn-out on presidential election-days is around half of those who could’ve voted. During the primary season, a majority of people don’t bother to vote. The field is wide open!  In 2004, my friend Benji said he doesn’t vote and that “they will notice.” Well, this working dog heard that dog whistle and decided to chase after a solution. Now, Benji and other non-voters have someone to vote for.

Isn’t that a problem? You want non-voters to vote for you?!

Not a problem…an opportunity! You see, my interpretation of the non-vote is that it is a passive vote for “None of the Above,” or NOTA, we like to call it. Your vote for Mesplay is a vote for none of the usual characters. Of course, this works best when large numbers of people register and vote. It also helps if people have heard of me. Having an actual platform and values helps, too, although judging from the front-runners, that certainly is not a requirement! The non-voter is largely invisible in U.S. politics. We have something in common. Now, with a celebrity running-mate, I will be less invisible, or more visible.

And, who is this running mate? read more…

Honor Treaties

American Indian / Native American nations were once treated as being the Sovereign nations that they truly are. Hundreds of treaties were established with these First Nations, only to be dishonored by Congress through repeated legislative attacks. In 1871, the Indian Appropriations Act dealt a death-blow to recognition of the Tribal Nations as being independent. Later, the Snyder Act made it “clear” that American Indians are U.S. Citizens. The treatment of Natives, by the U.S. Government, has been damaging at best, with the original inhabitants alternately being treated as “wards of the state” or as separate entities for which the federal government felt no obligation. In other words, the approach has been haphazard, unfair and always in favor of the U.S. government behaving irresponsibly and disrespectfully. There is no independent, accountable legal entity to hold the government accountable and to protect First Nations people. This type of problem is also international.

read more…

Safeguard the Environment

Protecting and preserving the natural environment is a top priority. Living sustainably means leaving more natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.
Internationally, plants and animals are disappearing due to:
  • Habitat loss from over-development
  • Ecosystem disruption by pollution, war and climate instability
  • Predation for bush-meat, “aphrodisiac” horns and other animal-part trade, and pet trade
  • Other stressors brought on by humans not being cognizant or concerned over the consequences of their actions and choices
This is an especially critical time for humanity to be upright and bold in our approach to helping maintain species diversity and health. Living more sustainably is important for us and all-our-relations.

read more…

Economy and Jobs

The stresses felt by many in the middle and lower economic classes are not felt or understood by most politicians. Government ought to mediate to lessen the burden, and to help us move toward a more just and sustainable economy. The current tie between government and big business prohibits solutions that help a majority of people, what with legislators being more concerned with continuing the status quo and favoring the largest campaign contributors. Your participation in the Green Party will help change this.

Adjusted for inflation, current salaries do not buy the same goods and services that they did 30 years ago. The problem is not with poor productivity. People on the planet are working harder than ever. Production is “up.” The problem is that people in power and the policies they push have shifted all the gains to benefit only a small segment of the population.

read more…

Already Voted?

Even if you don’t normally vote, you could really help out just by registering Green in your state.

Already voted? Then “vote” again by registering Green in Your State. Most people don’t vote out of protest and disgust, and those who do vote often do so to block the candidate who is worse. We call it lesser-evilism voting. I’d like you to protest, but do it in a good way that really punishes and educates those who are very out of touch with what people are going through here in the real world!


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I have been a member of the Green Party of the United States since 1995.

I served as a California Delegate to the Green National Committee, or G.N.C., from 2004 to 2015. This is my first full-time run for president.

I am a scientist (Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering), retired Air Quality Inspector and Emergency Shelter Manager (trained by the San Diego County, California Office of Emergency Services. I ran a shelter during the 2007 fire-storm). I have been a consistent advocate of how our civilization needs to transform RAPIDLY in the face of climate change.

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