I am a Green Party presidential candidate.

With help from you, I will be our nation’s next president, and the first with Native American ancestry.

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Between now and August 6th, 2016, please “vote” for me for V.P. at


I chose the Green Party in 1995, after being disgusted with the other two “corporate parties,” as they should be called.
More than just Ecology, the Green Party upholds Justice and demands Responsibility and Diversity. A nice mix of values: TEN of them we refer to.
Here is the platform of the Green Party of the United States:

Responsibility, future-focus, ecological wisdom: these are traditional Tribal perspectives, as well. With a seventh-generation perspective, one tries to not take the options away from future generations.
One also should consider “all our relations”: the other life on this planet. Mitakuye Oyasin.
Generosity trumps economic barbarianism. Few cultures that last are as selfish as the U.S.A. We need a culture shift, ASAP. A great nation can do much better.
Local and Global Responsibility pertains to everyone: even the out-sized political elephants stomping about.
Local solutions are best. We value Decentralization: another value. Cutting the cords and the control.

The Green Party encompasses a range of values and types. Together, we are Progressive.
But, in order to progress, we must first survive. We must move fast and dig in for the long haul. Local, sustainable solutions improve our emergency readiness, and lower our impact on others.
We MUST convert to localized sustainability very quickly, for our own good and for that of others. Get back to the Garden.

When I first entered the presidential race in 2003, I was concerned about climate change. Still am.
I was also concerned about Indigenous people being able to survive harsh outsiders and climate change. Still am.
I was upset that we have political corruption and poor governance. Still am.
I WANT legalized bribery out of politics, and policy-making done by science and reason and compassion.
I look at the Super-Delegates and the sham of corporatized politics, the chicanery, and I understand why people don’t vote.
I am heartened that at least one faction of a half of  the duopoly openly wants substantive change to the system. They will fail (noted: Bernie out; 7/25/2016).
The elections are rigged, broken, fixed. Even so, please do not sit out this next election. Proudly vote Green for a change.

That said, we cannot WAIT for political change, for solutions to trickle down from on high! We must be the change and enact the change.

We must turn toward being a more sharing, open-source society.
We can end or circumvent institutes of oppression, and we will create and support a public sovereign money system to promote fairness and stability.

I am tired of war. I know we can have Peace, and end war. There are steps. It takes some effort. It is NOT impossible to achieve Peace and good governance.
One step you can make is to register Green as a Vote for Peace.

The donkey party is the place where progressive politics goes to die (like an elephant burial ground).
The field is fertile for real change to take hold in this country. Most people WANT a viable alternative party. There are two.
Most of each mainstream candidate’s supporters are not supporters. They are blockers, intent on blocking the “other” candidate.
Neither candidate would be a good president. Please do not vote to block. Only vote to support.
Please do not stay away from voting, as a way of voting your non-support and your disgust with our rank-and-vile political system.
Nonvoters have the greatest say, now…provided they turn out to vote, and that they vote Green. Seriously! Arise. Resist. Revolt (and keep it peaceful).

There is something we can do together, this campaign season, that will change politics and embolden people to actually vote their hopes and not their fears.
There is a way to vote early that nobody has talked about. It is legal. It is effective. It will work. It is a game-changer. You are key to this.
Here is the challenge. Between now and August, I would like everyone to do an experiment that WILL have an effect. Don’t be shy.
If you are someone intent on voting to block a lousy presidential candidate, please “vote” by registering Green or helping us get on your state’s ballot, if you can’t register.
You don’t even need to switch back before November, if you are on the fence about this.
If you are someone who will not vote, or who will write in someone’s name, please register Green to show that you are awake and you want your vote to count for real change.
If you are someone with student debt, “I feel your pain.” After graduating with a Ph.D. and languishing with student loans for years, I know what you are going through.
You count around 43 million in number. Please register Green.
If you are sick of how alternative candidates are kept out of the presidential debates, register Green ASAP.
Do you get the picture? Our numbers are huge. Once we show each other this, it will be much easier to vote in a courageous manner, come November.
Please vote for the Green nominee. But, “vote” early by registering green.

Oh, and don’t forget to support THIS candidate. Please donate. Small amounts add up! I appreciate the help.

Honor Treaties

American Indian / Native American nations were once treated as being the Sovereign nations that they truly are. Hundreds of treaties were established with these First Nations, only to be dishonored by Congress through repeated legislative attacks. In 1871, the Indian Appropriations Act dealt a death-blow to recognition of the Tribal Nations as being independent. Later, the Snyder Act made it “clear” that American Indians are U.S. Citizens. The treatment of Natives, by the U.S. Government, has been damaging at best, with the original inhabitants alternately being treated as “wards of the state” or as separate entities for which the federal government felt no obligation. In other words, the approach has been haphazard, unfair and always in favor of the U.S. government behaving irresponsibly and disrespectfully. There is no independent, accountable legal entity to hold the government accountable and to protect First Nations people. This type of problem is also international.

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Safeguard the Environment

Protecting and preserving the natural environment is a top priority. Living sustainably means leaving more natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.
Internationally, plants and animals are disappearing due to:
  • Habitat loss from over-development
  • Ecosystem disruption by pollution, war and climate instability
  • Predation for bush-meat, “aphrodisiac” horns and other animal-part trade, and pet trade
  • Other stressors brought on by humans not being cognizant or concerned over the consequences of their actions and choices
This is an especially critical time for humanity to be upright and bold in our approach to helping maintain species diversity and health. Living more sustainably is important for us and all-our-relations.

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Economy and Jobs

The stresses felt by many in the middle and lower economic classes are not felt or understood by most politicians. Government ought to mediate to lessen the burden, and to help us move toward a more just and sustainable economy. The current tie between government and big business prohibits solutions that help a majority of people, what with legislators being more concerned with continuing the status quo and favoring the largest campaign contributors. Your participation in the Green Party will help change this.

Adjusted for inflation, current salaries do not buy the same goods and services that they did 30 years ago. The problem is not with poor productivity. People on the planet are working harder than ever. Production is “up.” The problem is that people in power and the policies they push have shifted all the gains to benefit only a small segment of the population.

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Already Voted?

Even if you don’t normally vote, you could really help out just by registering Green in your state.

Already voted? Then “vote” again by registering Green in Your State. Most people don’t vote out of protest and disgust, and those who do vote often do so to block the candidate who is worse. We call it lesser-evilism voting. I’d like you to protest, but do it in a good way that really punishes and educates those who are very out of touch with what people are going through here in the real world!


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I have been a member of the Green Party of the United States since 1995.

I served as a California Delegate to the Green National Committee, or G.N.C., from 2004 to 2015. This is my first full-time run for president.

I am a scientist (Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering), retired Air Quality Inspector and Emergency Shelter Manager (trained by the San Diego County, California Office of Emergency Services. I ran a shelter during the 2007 fire-storm). I have been a consistent advocate of how our civilization needs to transform RAPIDLY in the face of climate change.

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