I have been a member of the Green Party of the United States since 1995.


I served as a California Delegate to the Green National Committee, or G.N.C., from 2004 to 2015. This is my first full-time run for president.

I am a scientist (Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering), retired Air Quality Inspector and Emergency Shelter Manager (trained by the San Diego County, California Office of Emergency Services. I ran a shelter during the 2007 fire-storm). I have been a consistent advocate of how our civilization needs to transform RAPIDLY in the face of climate change. One of my slogans is “Sustainability is Security.” Living sustainably means we are better prepared for emergencies. It increases our local resilience, self-reliance and independence, and it mitigates climate change (for example, higher energy efficiency cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions).
I am also a Tribal advocate,
with mixed European and Native American ancestry and a boyhood in a rain-forest. I want the Treaties upheld by the U.S. and, internationally, I want Native people to have protection from the dams, timber industry, mining corporations and the other devastating indicators of the “civilized ones” not (yet) having learned how to live sustainably and within their means. Genocide is still taking place. So, what my “business” stands for is integrity, countering corruption, improving representation, implementing scientific solutions to climate change and supporting the indigenous.

These issues are inter-related. There is no government for the indigenous: their own nations abuse them and the United Nations has no teeth, even with their Document on the Rights of Indigenous People (aptly named DRIP; we need a deluge). I mention this because supporting those who are connected to the land is my life’s work.