Lots to do, here! One problem with “big money” in politics is that it doesn’t buy the best solutions. Congress writes votes and passes legislation in line with their largest contributors.
Solutions for the majority of people are often left out.
The current system of lobbying amounts to legalized bribery. Bribery is wrong. We need to end paid lobbying and its effects.

Much reform is needed. Please work with me to:

  • Help reform ballot access so that the rules are fair. Independent, “third” parties are held back by restrictive rules. Press for the Green Party and affiliates to be on all state ballots.
  • Enact public financing of campaigns and close the “big money” loopholes. Politicians should not be able to buy their way into office.
  • Enact electoral reform for better, proportional representation and more direct democracy. Through electronic means, citizens can play a faster, more active role in government.
  • Restructure the military / industrial / congressional / security complex. We will explore and discuss our options, during this campaign.
  • Stop status quo procedures which amount to “the fox guarding the henhouse.” For example, rules governing for-profit prisons are written by representatives of the prison industry. In most industries, there is a “revolving door” between industry lobbyists and government appointees. This creates a one-sided imbalanced approach.
  • Call for an end to parasitic “riders” tacked onto “must-pass” bills at the last moment, and vote out of office those who use riders. One shameful, recent example of this is when Arizona lawmakers added a mining proposal into a national defense bill. Sacred Apache land within the Oak Flat area of the Tonto National Forest will be ruined if handed over to a foreign mining company. Rather than further destroying its tenuous relationship with First Nations people, the United States government should do everything it can to honor treaties and to respect existing “agreements.”
Support Green candidates at every level. We want more openness and transparency in government, and fewer sneaky “deals” like riders.