I am a Green Party presidential candidate.

With a little help from you, I will be our nation’s next president, and the first one with Native American ancestry. Show that you got this message by registering with the Green Party. Hurry! In some states, you can register online.

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The Bigger Picture
My life’s work involves saving rain-forests and other “undeveloped” areas and helping with indigenous representation and protection. When we live sustainably we are being responsible. Native people are currently under attack and are losing their “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” in part as a consequence of the “civilized ones” being disconnected to the earth and living in a short-sighted manner based upon (over-) consumption. Our species has “lost” half its ethno-sphere! Greens value Nature and Diversity. We would do well to heed the wisdom of earth-connected ancient cultures!
One cannot run a campaign without money and organization.
Spread the word and be generous with your contribution(s). (Please note that such contributions are not tax-deductible.) I am registered with the F.E.C. (Federal Election Commission; Mesplay for President).

I grew up watching the destruction of our planet, in the rainforest of Papua New Guinea. My parents were Lutheran Missionaries. I see how tribal people are devastated by unfair policies, and by the first world not having learned how to live within its means. This problem is worldwide. The continent of Africa is being gutted. Jungles in Ecuador, Venezuela, New Guinea and elsewhere are being destroyed. Recently, Honduran Environmentalist and Indigenous Rights activist, Berta Caceres, was assassinated.

Here in the United States, the government does not honor the treaties or contracts with First Nations people. The result is that Indians or Native Americans are continually subjected to loss: loss of land, loss of hunting and fishing rights, loss of water rights, and loss of language and culture. The treaties were supposed to provide some measure of security and of assurance, following centuries of genocide. Indigenous people are owed much, by the rest of the nation. But, the government keeps taking.

I was recently with the San Carlos Apache, in Arizona, gaining support.

There, at Oak Flat, traditional, sacred Apache land was given away by a dishonest action on the part of Arizona’s two sneaky senators. Now, traditional, important coming-of-age ceremonies are being threatened, and the block mining will collapse and ruin the area forever.

What the Middle Class is experiencing now is old news in Indian country: lack of decent, affordable housing, chronic unemployment, higher rates of suicide. As dismal as the situation seems for the 99%, conditions are actually worse on the reservations. So, no wonder Natives usually don’t participate in Federal Elections!

Our federal government is corrupt.

It is not of, by and for the people, but for the wealthy. We see this in the extreme gap between the haves and have-nots. Presidential candidates are pre-determined, years in advance, and politicians are for sale to the highest bidder. Most people are sick of politics, and rightly so. A good turnout on election-day is when half the people registered bother to vote. Something has to change!

Fortunately, we can do something about this, and change our political system for the better. But, you don’t do this by not voting, or by voting for the usual suspects: the Oligarch and the Demagogue. You do it by registering and voting Green. Politics is largely about perception, and party size matters. It is early enough in the presidential race that you can noticeably help grow the Greens. Every Green registration is a vote against the status quo and a vote to get us visible. Registering Green sends a strong message that you want a new politics, not poli-tricks! There is TONS of room for party growth! Most people want a viable third party.

It is up to you to make it happen! We are here.

If you don’t normally vote, you could really help out just by registering.

Already voted? Then “vote” again by registering Green. Most people don’t vote out of protest and disgust, and those who do vote often do so to block the candidate who is worse. We call it lesser-evilism voting. I’d like you to protest, but do it in a good way that really punishes and educates those who are very out of touch with what people are going through here in the real world!

With good governance, we would have a credit-based, public-money system in which everyone who wanted to work would have a meaningful job, with a protected environment, and we would have a justice system that actually is just. We would also have secure, largely self-sufficient communities that are off-grid and resilient. People should be allowed to opt out of our consumption-based economy of collapse, and be allowed to take care of themselves. In a better world, the U.S. government would honor its treaties or contracts with first-nation people.

We can have single-payer health-care, or Medicare-for-all, and include dental, vision, and mental-health coverage, with a range of options. College education ought to be attainable and free to students, and student debt can be abolished. Homelessness can and should be eradicated, and it is not difficult to do. The oppressed already have it hard enough.

To fund the programs that we are talking about, we MUST scale back military funding, and transform our policies to meet the other security needs of our time, especially regarding climate change.

We can best face-down terrorism by ending drone assassinations, by becoming less of an international bully, and by acknowledging our role as a terrorist nation. We must recognize and address our nation’s addiction to war. We must also demand that multinational corporations pay their fair share of taxes and that business leaders act responsibly and stop outsourcing U.S. jobs. It is time for everyone to have a basic income and a basic level of support and opportunity. It is time to behave responsibly so that Indigenous people can survive and so that our beautiful world is not further trashed. Take a step toward doing this. Register with the Green Party. You will be glad you did. Do it today!

Thank you!