American Indian / Native American nations were once treated as being the Sovereign nations that they truly are. Hundreds of treaties were established with these First Nations, only to be dishonored by Congress through repeated legislative attacks. In 1871, the Indian Appropriations Act dealt a death-blow to recognition of the Tribal Nations as being independent. Later, the Snyder Act made it “clear” that American Indians are U.S. Citizens. The treatment of Natives, by the U.S. Government, has been damaging at best, with the original inhabitants alternately being treated as “wards of the state” or as separate entities for which the federal government felt no obligation. In other words, the approach has been haphazard, unfair and always in favor of the U.S. government behaving irresponsibly and disrespectfully. There is no independent, accountable legal entity to hold the government accountable and to protect First Nations people. This type of problem is also international.

A good part of why I am running is to help with “Native Pride,” to point out the history of this nation in ways that are rarely discussed and to be a catalyst for the Indian Tribes to unify for their common survival. It is readily apparent that the U.S. government chooses to continue to collapse, what with effective denial of Climate Change. I am interested in helping ancient cultures survive the onslaught of our time.
This is also about helping the more general culture of the United States to transform into being more responsible and sustainable, for the good of all, for all our relations, for our common future.