Protecting and preserving the natural environment is a top priority. Living sustainably means leaving more natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.
Internationally, plants and animals are disappearing due to:
  • Habitat loss from over-development
  • Ecosystem disruption by pollution, war and climate instability
  • Predation for bush-meat, “aphrodisiac” horns and other animal-part trade, and pet trade
  • Other stressors brought on by humans not being cognizant or concerned over the consequences of their actions and choices
This is an especially critical time for humanity to be upright and bold in our approach to helping maintain species diversity and health. Living more sustainably is important for us and all-our-relations.

Climate change is real and cataclysmic. It is driven by anthropogenic factors such as air pollution and deforestation. In the same way that it doesn’t take much metal to make a reflective but transparent sheet of plastic, it takes relatively few particles to affect our atmosphere. When Mt. Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991, I soon after saw a different sunset sky while biking along Lake Michigan in Chicago, on the other side of the world. This impressed upon me how our activities really can affect the weather. What we belch into the atmosphere matters.
Here is a link to a good article about Climate Change by Naomi Klein:
Heat “drives” some engineering processes. Differences in heat and ocean salinity drive monstrous rivers of current in the ocean, carrying heat to places distant from the equator, like the British Isles. Disruptions to thermo-haline circulation can have disastrous effects. Nature is tough, to a point, and then she is brittle. There is no cheap fix to stabilize the climate.
Climate Change is especially hard on plants and animals that can’t relocate or migrate. Trees can’t just uproot and sashay over to new locations. Right now, birds are hatching out of synch with plants and the insects that feed their hatchlings. Climate Change is also expensive to those on fixed incomes, such as the elderly. Coupled with deforestation, mining, re-settlement and other disruptive activity, climate change is a threat to Native, traditional people.  Although it affects us all, those hardest hit, initially, are those who have the least. Namely, the same people who are not part of the political donor class…people who can’t buy off politicians.
You can help protect the environment by getting involved with the Green Party. Help transform the relationship between business and government so that the environment is better protected.